how to prepare for your bridal preview

Skin: As far as skin preparation, if you can please be fresh faced with no makeup on that would be perfect! I'd suggest staying hydrated and having a glass of water as the skin always likes that! If you have a normal skincare routine that you have been following for awhile, I would encourage you to continue doing so. I would avoid any heavy/greasy eye creams, scrubs, or intensive/abrasive skin products. I will also do my signature skin prep to before for the makeup.

Space: An open space to accommodate my makeup chair, kit, and room to work in. Usually a dining room/kitchen works best. If you have good natural light/windows we can utilize that, otherwise no need to worry as I always bring my own lighting with me so we will be good to go!

More about Bridal Previews:

At the preview I will ask you a lot of questions about your style & bridal ideas. I'm all about designing the perfect look for you, so we can alter and adjust according to your preferences. I also will take notes about the products I've used & your preferences so I can reference on the wedding day. Bridal previews with me are a step by step experience and I'll ask a lot of questions during the preview. The reason why is that I'm looking to find out more about what you like & don't like, as well as gauge and anticipate your comfort level. If you don't have ideas in mind or aren't sure what you want, that is ok too! We will walk through different options together. I also will have you look in my hand-held mirror several times during the application so we can "check in" on the look to make sure we are on the same page & that you like how the look is developing. We can always re-route or try something different too - this is why I like to have my brides check in at specific times rather than be in front of a mirror the whole time. I also take photos of my bridal clients to send them so they have the best pictures of their makeup look to look at and show others. I put you in the best lighting (I bring my professional lighting to work in) and will show you how to pose your face and head for the best angles of you & the makeup. This way you have the best and most accurate photos of the makeup to look at later & to send to friends/family too. After the preview, we will reconnect over email and make any notes for adjustments if needed. I will update my preview notes accordingly to ensure everything is ready to go for the wedding day. I'll continue be in touch throughout the months leading up to your wedding. I'm happy to help anyway I can!